Karen Bashawaty - Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner - Six Week Group
Karen Bashawaty - Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner - Set your Spirit free...FORGIVE
Why would someone choose to join a group as opposed to working individually with a Radical Forgiveness therapy practitioner?  What advantages does a group offer someone?  Is it a good addition to individual work?  The group process offers some benefits that individual work does not.  It has the potential to deepen and intensify forgiveness work just by the fact that others share your experience and may even share your issue.  You profit enormously by having a witness to your process and also by observing the work of others.  Every energy shift that happens in the group, whether personally or to another member, contributes to your healing. 
The group also offers consistency in doing your forgiveness work.  A commitment is made to meet once a week for six weeks during which time every tool of  Radical Forgiveness is used. By the time the six weeks are completed you will know which tools are your favorites and know how to use them properly. The group increases the likelihood of continuing your forgiveness work beyond the group because of the benefits you experience.
The group meetings are not meant to be therapy meetings, although I bring all of my therapy skills with me when I facilitate the meetings. Rather, the group is geared toward the practical use of the Radical Forgiveness technology in the form of worksheets and interactive exercises.  The goal is to clear issues from your past and current lives, giving you the freedom and peace of mind to move into your future life with more energy and increased peacefulness.
Each two hour meeting is composed of a 'round the circle' check-in, a short introduction to a Radical Forgiveness concept and experiential exercises with questions and discussion afterward. 

Groups - limited to 6 members   
Total Cost - $180 
Meet - Weekly or Bimonthly
248-557-4006  - k-bash@comcast.net
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