Karen Bashawaty - Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner - Testimonials
Karen Bashawaty - Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner - Set your Spirit free...FORGIVE
"In this illuminating course,  Radical Forgiveness expert, Karen Bashawaty, teaches us to tap into the Spiritual Power we all have within.  With Radical Forgiveness we learn to recognize the Divine Spirit in each of our hearts and the ability to forgive in a universally beneficial way.  Karen gives you all the tools you will need to experience wholeness on all levels".  Lisa O.
"I would suggest this group to anyone who is interested in progressing and open to self awareness and the diffusing of emotions/feelings regarding troublesome situations".  Judith C.
"One of the best group process-workshop that I have experienced".  John M.
" A good balance of cognitive and experiential"  Rob M.
"Karen Bashawaty is a great and compassionate facilitator.She is organized, extremely knowledgeable, gentle and a brilliant star.  She illuminates a room"  Lisa
"After attending the Circle Ceremony, I felt as if a large weight was lifted off me.  I felt at peace with myself.  It was a wonderful experience in which I would highly recommend to my friends and family".  Carol G.
"Karen Bashawaty is a wise, intuitive, empathic and patient therapist.  With Karen's counseling I was able to do substantial work on my difficulties regarding insecurity, anxiety and depression. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a therapist."   Review from Detroit City Search
Karen Bashawaty is an excellent therapist. I will continue to refer clients to her even though I now live out of state. A.S.
The time spent in therapy with Karen Bashawaty helped me understand some deep problems that were interfering with my behavior today. I continue to use the skills she taught me.  S.V.
"Karen Bashawaty is a great professional.  I would recommend her highly." J.M.
"Karen Bashawaty helped me immensely.  Without her help guiding me to help myself, I wouldn't be here today.  I wish to tell her thank-you and I know that the best compliment is recommending her to others.  I will do that every chance I get!"  T.G.
"Karen Bashawaty demonstrated the utmost professionalism.  Her assistance/guidance was very helpful.  She is well grounded without being too clinical."  R.T.
"My therapist, Karen Bashawaty, has helped me so much.  I feel that the work I have done with Karen has greatly enhanced my ability to enjoy my life." B.E.
"Karen, thanks a million for the exceptionally wonderful work you are doing.  I keep the premises of Radical Forgiveness with me daily." I.L.
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