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Karen Bashawaty - Radical Forgiveness Therapy  - Set your Spirit free...FORGIVE
"Karen Bashawaty is a wise, intuitive, empathic and patient therapist.  With Karen's counseling I was able to do substantial work on my difficulties regarding insecurity, anxiety and depression. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a therapist."   Review from Detroit City Search
Karen Bashawaty is an excellent therapist. I will continue to refer clients to her even though I now live out of state. A.S.
The time spent in therapy with Karen Bashawaty helped me understand some deep problems that were interfering with my behavior today. I continue to use the skills she taught me.  S.V.
"Karen Bashawaty is a great professional.  I would recommend her highly." J.M.
"Karen Bashawaty helped me immensely.  Without her help guiding me to help myself, I wouldn't be here today.  I wish to tell her thank-you and I know that the best compliment is recommending her to others.  I will do that every chance I get!"  T.G.
"Karen Bashawaty demonstrated the utmost professionalism.  Her assistance/guidance was very helpful.  She is well grounded without being too clinical."  R.T.
"My therapist, Karen Bashawaty, has helped me so much.  I feel that the work I have done with Karen has greatly enhanced my ability to enjoy my life." B.E.
"Karen, thanks a million for the exceptionally wonderful work you are doing.  I keep the premises of Radical Forgiveness with me daily." I.L.
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